About Me

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My callsign is 4J9Y.  My name is Denis. My QTH is Baku, Azerbaijan. I am 37 years old. I work in in the oil and gas construction industry. My previous callsigns were 4J9NM, UD6DCT,  4K6DCT.  My US Callsign is KJ9NM. I am a member of  the Azerbaijan Amateur Radioclub 4K7Z  and already 25 years in Amateur Radio.

I also like football and Formula One Racing. My favorite team in the football is Spartak Moscow . This website's aim to give you information about me. You could go to my log and check if we had QSOs before. You could also see my photos and look at my equipment. Please feel free to write your opinion into my guest book.
I am the developer of the first Azerbaijan Amateur Radio forum at http://www.azhams.net, where you can find more about HAMs in Azerbaijan.

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