• New EME DXCC-entity and grid on 144 and 430 MHz.

    Dmytro,UT6UA and Alex, UT5UAS are going to Azerbaijan to the mountain Geranboy district ( LN30GK) to activate this new EME DXCC-entity and grid on 144 and 430 MHz.

    The 4K Licenses have been obtained (4K/UT6UA and 4K/UT5UAS )

    Days of activity: 16,17,18,19 and maybe, 20 of June Setup 144: 8x7H + PA GS35B + LNA SPF-5122 + TRX TS2000 Setup 430: 4x8WL+PA GS35B + LNA ATF-54143 +TRX-TS2000
    Modes: JT65 and some CW (skeds only)

    The main activity is planning on 144MHz. We will change the antennas to
    430 for the last day ,or one day earlier, right after finishing with the 144's pile-up. Also, we will be on all HF bands together with Boris, 4K4K and Mamuka, 4L2M
    The phone numbers on position will be : +870776485556 and +8821658301266
    Logs: ClubLog .

    Due to the last events in Ukraine, our principal sponsors refused to fulfill their obligations. Therefore, our team will be grateful to all EME-funs for any donations.
    You can do it by PayPal to: ut6ua@yahoo.bg

    Thank You in advance for assistance and see You on EME !