Диплом “Ази Асланов”

Дипломные программы радиолюбителей Азербайджана

Hazi Ahad oglu Aslanov (22.1.1910 – 24.1.1945) was born in Lenkoran city located on the South of Azerbaijan republic. He was a major general of tank division and twice awarded a Hero of Soviet Union. Alsanov’s tank men participated in the liberation of cites like Belgorod, Sumy, Ahtyrka, Poltava, Lebedeno, Mirgorod. HAzi Aslanov was awarded a title – General Major of the tank division on 13th of March, 1944. During the summer and autumn Aslanov’s brigade liberated the following cities: Vileyka, Minsk, Molodechno, Vilnus, Shaulyay, Elgava and others. The brigade received eight acknowledgement of thanks from high command. The brigade was given a honorary title “Shaulyayskaya” on 27th of July, 1944.
In January 1945 the 35th guard (The second degree of Suvorov’s Order) Shaulyayskaya Tank Brigade reached Baltic Sea coast. On the 24th of January, 1945 near to Priekule city in Liepaysk region during the reconnaissance a guard major general Hazi Aslanov was badly wounded and passed away in few hours.
He was also awarded with the Lenin’s order, three Red Banner Orders, Suvorov’s Order (II Degree), Alexander Nevskiy’s Order, the order of the Great Patriotic War ( Word War II) (I Degree).

The diploma is issued for two way radio and SWL contacts starting the 9th of May, 1983. It is required to get 100 points for obtaining this diploma.
Qualifying points for the two way & SWL contacts are assigned as follow:
– the special activity call signs 4K1V, 4K1AZI – 50 points;
– the radio club station named after Hazi Aslanov 4K7Z – 40 points;
– members and honorary members of the radio club 4K7Z – 10 points;
– any other radio amateur stations from Azerbaijan – 5 points.
All modes and bands (including WARC, VHF/UHF) two way & SWL contacts are valid for the diploma. Dupe call sings are not allowed. QSOs via the repeaters are not valid.
The two way/SWL contact with the radio club named after the twice Hero of Soviet Union Hazi Aslanov is mandatory. (4K7Z, 4K1V, 4K1AZI, 4J1S).
Ex. calls UK6DAE, UK6DAZ, UD7DWZ, 4K7DWZ, UK6CAA, UD2NWZ, UD3KWZ, UK6DAZ/A, UK6DAZ/P, RD1DWZ, EO6D, EU6D, EV7DN, UD7DWZ/P, UD7DWZ/UA4, UD70DWZ, UD850DWZ, UD500DWZ, 4K500DWZ, 4K49V, 4K50V, 4K51V, 4K51DWZ, 4K70DWZ, 4K52V, 4K80ADR)

The diploma is issued based on the extraction from the logbook assured/countersigned by the local amateur radio club or two independent licensed radio amateurs. The request should be sent to the diploma manager’s address or email address shown below.
The fees are collected only to cover postal service expenses.
For Azerbaijan HAMs and World War II Veterans – free;
For Russian HAMs – 1 IRC;
For CIS countries HAMs – 2 IRC
For other countries HAMs – 3 IRC;
The manager address: Vladimir Ulyanov, P.O. Box 10, Moscow 121615 Russia
Web site: http://4k7z.azhams.net E-mail: diplom@azhams.net

The list of members of the radio club named after the twice Hero of the Soviet Union Hazi Ahad oglu Aslanov:
4J3M, 4J7FM, 4J7WMF, 4J9M, 4J9NM, 4K5D, 4K6DAZ, 4K6DI, 4K6GF, 4K6LIS, 4K6MER, 4K6OF, A65BJ, F6FYD, PD0RQX, UA3FDX, UN/4J9M