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Trainer Electrical

• Gas and Diesel Powered Generators, Supply And Distribution
• Electrical Systems Maintenance And Troubleshooting
• HV and LV Transformers, Distribution, Motor Control, Lighting And Emergency Systems
• Protection and Control of HV And LV Electrical Equipment
• Hazardous Area Electrical Installations
• Energy Isolation

Job Discription

• Promote a pro-active safety culture within the training environment
• Ensure safe and effective delivery of courses
• Use resources in a safe and efficient manner
• Promote a positive behavioral culture at the point of training
• Train Learners to client’s standards using an experiential learning model
• Teamwork with colleagues by sharing resources, information and ideas
• Mentor and coach other national trainers
• Ensure curriculum is delivered on schedule and to client’s satisfaction
• Manage learning to ensure equal opportunities and participation of all learners
• Coach and support learners who may experience difficulties with the curriculum
• Promote dialogue and involvement amongst all learners
• Evaluate completed activities and resources used
• Liaise with English Language Trainers on teaching methods and specialized vocabulary
• Maintain records of absence, punctuality and behavior of learners
• Develop course materials within area of expertise
• Formulate, invigilate and mark assessment tools
• Carry out administration duties related to training
• Propose revisions to the curriculum and delivery methods for purpose of continuous improvement
• Participate in quality audits
• Report and assist investigation of accidents and near misses
• Perform Risk Assessments, Toolbox Talks and Safety Audits
• Ensure own continuous professional development through participation in training and development activities
• Identify maintenance requirement issues within area of delivery

Категория: Инженерия
Город: Баку
Зар плата: 1500 азн-1500азн
Возраст: 30-60
Образование: Высшее
Опыт Работы: более 5 лет
Contact number: 012 497 77 70
Email: reception@rsl.az
Contact Person : Inara