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Запущен очередной шар с маячком (B-52) с територии Британии, в течении 24 часов может пролететь над нами по этой ссылке – http://aprs.fi/#!call=a%2FM0XER-2&ti…00&tail=604800
на борту 2 передатчика:
144800kHz, mod: FM -APRS, P = 10mW;
434500kHz, mod SSB(USB) APRS, P=10mW
как видно на карте АПРС сигналы маяяков успешно принимаются на расстояних более 500км

ниже оригинал письма с информацией о радиозондах

Hi Rahshan!

There is a highly possibility the balloon B-52 will reach you in the next 24h! This balloon does Contestia on 70 and APRS on 2m. I would be happy, if you could help us receiving the data from this balloon. Currently the predictions are not acurate enough to tell you, when it passes exactly. I will tell you later (in ~18h).

Frequency: 144.800 MHz FM
Mode: APRS
Power: 10mW, vertical polarized
Tracker: http://aprs.fi/#!mt=roadmap&z=7&call…00&tail=604800

Frequency: 434.500 MHz USB
Mode: Contestia 8/250
Power: 10mW, vertical polarized
Tracker: http://www.spacenear.us/tracker/?filter=B-52

Prediction: http://goo.gl/DmEzcM

Known issues:
– Tracker has probably faulty GPS module, fails from time to time
– Frequency drifting 3kHz below it’s actual frequency at 70cm due to low temperatures (not important to APRS)
– Sometimes the battery freezes at night due to low temperatures

73 Sven