Клуб DX активаторов “Safari”начинает новый 2012 сезон с программы “Маяки”

DX Экспедиции

Dear all,

“Safari” DX-activators club starting new 2012 season in a frame of “Light Houses” program.
We are going to activate Nardaran LH, AZE-008 and, dependently of permission,
Shuvalan LH, AZE-007, too.

The callsigns of team are : 4J0LH for Nardaran, and 4J0SFR for Shuvalan LHs.
DX-peditions planned for the periiod 3-4 March 2012, start at 08-00 UTC, approx.

Bands, mainly: 20 and 40 m.

QSL exchange via 4J5T