Application Rules for Azerbaijan HAM Radio License

Azerbaijan Amateur Radio Regulations

The operation of an amateur radio station is permitted only after receiving a written permit from the State Administration for Radio Frequencies, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Republic of Azerbaijan, issuance of which is contingent on submission of the following documentation:

  • Application form – 2 copies (downloadable Anketa-Az.doc)
  • Autobiography – 2 copies
  • 3 x 4 cm I.D. photo – 2 copies
  • Copy of identity card
  • Certificate of residency (if applicable)

These documents must be submitted to the the head quaters radiovlub, which will subsequently be submitted, with a cover letter, to the State Administration for Radio Frequencies.

The minimum age required to receive this permit is 14 years. Persons under 16 years of age must also present permission from their parent or guardian, stating that they do not object to the construction and operation of a radio station in their place of residence.

When establishing the operation of a group-operated radio station, the individuals and/or legal entities must fill out an application for the opening of a collective radio station, which indicates the proposed location of the station and includes recommendations of amateur radio operators who will act as director(s) of the radio station.

Throughout the entire territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, permits to operate an amateur radio station are issued in this consistent manner.

Upon receipt of the permit, or at the time of its renewal, the amateur radio operator must pay an annual registration fee in accordance with the current rates. The license to operate an amateur radio station is valid for the period of 1 year.

Upgrading the category of an amateur radio station to a higher category is undertaken on the basis of an application. At that time, the broadcasting permit currently held will be subject to the re-registration process.

The format of the call sign shall be determined by the Radio Broadcasting Federation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In Azerbaijan, the call signs of amateur radio stations consist of a four-letter combination of 4J or 4K, which denotes a nationality (country), one number and a suffix – from one to three letters. Simultaneously, for daily operation radio stations are assigned permanent (regular) call signs with the prefixes 4J2-4J9 and 4K2-4K9.

The call signs of specialized radio stations have the prefixes 4J1, 4JØ, 4K1, and 4KØ.

The call signs of individual radio stations of all categories follow this same structure, with two letters in the suffix, and are formatted from the ranges of 4J2AA-4J9ZZ and 4K2AA-4K9ZZ. Bearing this in mind, it is also possible to assign call signs with only one letter in the suffix to the owners of radio stations of the first category who have worked on the air for 20 years or more and are highly active as coaches or referees.

Collective or group radio stations, as a rule, have six-digit callsigns with suffixes ranging from AWA to ZZZ (for example: 4K6AWZ). The administrative division (region) of the country is determined by the prefix of the call sign. Thus, the prefixes 4J2 and 4K2 are allocated to Nakhichevan, and the prefixes 4J4-4J9 and 4K4-4K9 to the city of Baku. The prefixes 4J3 and 4K3 are used throughout the rest of Azerbaijan (i.e., excluding Baku and Nakhichevan).

At their request, foreign amateur radio operators residing in Azerbaijan for a period of up to 3 months for work within the territory of Azerbaijan may receive Azerbaijani call signs with prefixes allocated for special stations. In order for a foreign citizen to obtain a permit to operate a radio station, he/she must contact the Radio Broadcasting Federation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and present the following documentation:

  • A copy of their existing permit/license
  • A 3 x 4cm I.D. photo
  • A copy of their identity card

Foreign amateur radio operators who are residing in the country for a more extended period must apply for a permit under the general procedure.

Contact information for the head quaters radioclub: