Международная команда клуба “Сафари” QRV для работы из Нагорного Карабаха

Cпециальные мероприятия

The International team of “Safari” Club is QRV for operating from Nagorno Karabakh along the battle line during the period 16-19(20?)June 2014.
The participants are HAMs from Ukraine,Georgia and Azerbaijan.

1. The team members Dmytro,UT6UA and Alex, UT5UAS are going to activate this new EME DXCC-entity and grid on 144 and 430 MHz.
Callsigns are 4K/UT6UA and 4K/UT5UAS

All details of EME-action introduced in the attached file.

2. Besides of EME-part of activity, the team will be on all HF bands, except 80 m , using callsigns 4J0K, 4K3K.
WFF-reference: 4JFF-005
QSL-manager for HF-part is RW6HS. Please, while QSL-exchange don�t confuse with EME QSOs. The Management is not the same.